Research & Development

Rollence is focussed in producing a masterpiece for various projects and to serve their customers and clients globally and locally with utmost sincerity by promoting a healthy environment for better living conditions. Our high-end ceramic products undergo a mandatory quality check cycle at every stage of the production, manufacturing, and marketing phase. Our research and development team consists of competent researchers, designers, innovators, quality managers, and engineers adhere to the thumb rule of quality check that is the finished ceramic product must comply with all the standard requisites and they must meet the sets of pre-defined quality standards.

Our in-house research and development team sternly works on regulating and maintaining the log of quality checks performed on the finished ceramic or porcelain products. Our research and development team strives to pull off customer satisfaction through quality and eco-friendly products. They constantly work on developing and raising the quality standards across designing, manufacturing, printing, finishing, and marketing of the ceramic products.

Quality Control

Rollence ceramic vitrified production and export processes ensure that each manufactured tile products must strictly abide by the obligatory quality, safety, and environmental standards governed by the national and international ceramic manufacturing market and quality guidelines. The adept quality control team is a very significant praxis at Rollence as it encourages the whole team and workers to innovate our ceramic and porcelain tile products consistently. The quality team follows a stout, structured, adaptable, and customizable manufacturing process in order to innovatively produce ceramic composite supplies.

We at Rollence, innovation and excellence are not only about inventing an urbane ceramic product but also adding up working together to the progression of procurement, manufacturing process, printing process, supply chain, marketing channels and process, sales process, customer service and environmentally friendly ceramic tile production. For production efficiency and success, both automation and modernisation are two crucial progressions at Rollence. Quality control is a vital segment of our manufacturing process as we believe in abiding by the stringent production factors.

Make In India

Rollence is one of the fastest growing companies in the scopes of tiles industry in India and it is a proud organization in supporting the Make in India ideology to promote and support skills and expertise of Indian nationals. The Make in India was launched with a primary objective to attract venture capital internationally and reinforce the manufacturing and production sector of India, by promoting both transnational as well as national corporations to construct the manufactured goods within the nation. In support of the innovative and excellent initiative by the government of India, we at Rollence promote and support the ideology by supporting the Indian national workers, designers, engineers, marketers, supervisors in various production and marketing cycles such as designing, manufacturing, printing, distributing and marketing of the ceramic tiles.

The Rollence group aims at making the most of the prevailing Indian skill and proficiency base, generating surplus employment chances, and investing in the secondary and tertiary sectors in order to abet the economic growth of India.